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Chinese tea is a famous health drink that many people around the world are now employing to stay in good shape. This drink is also known for its long list of benefits making it more popular in the world. As a healthy drink, Chinese tea comes in different categories which are based on the methods used to process each.

Types of Chinese Tea
All teas are made using the leaves of the plant with a scientific name “Camellia Sinesis”. The variances between the forms of Chinese tea are triggered by the difference in processing methods and the geographic area of the plan, including the infused tea’s taste and appearance. Chinese tea could be classified in 5 different groups and these include green tea, oolong tea, black tea, post-fermented tea and white tea. Usually, the scented teas as well as the compressed teas and the Pu-erh teas are also included in the list but here are the most commonly produced forms of Chinese tea that you can easily find in the market these days.

How to Make Chinese Tea
Chinese tea is the beverage that has been made and produced using the leaves of a tea plant combined with boiled water. The leaves will be processed by using the traditional methods that are used and followed by Chinese people. This form of tea is drunk and enjoyed by people from morning until the evening and this is mostly included in their meals, which serves as the best alternative to plain water.

Chinese Tea Ceremony
For centuries, Chinese people built ceremonial tea rooms which led them to adapting the consumption of tea as a big part of their lives. The spirit of a tea ceremony exemplifies the basic principles of respect, harmony, purity, tranquility and appreciation. A tea ceremony is a good way of focusing on the mental spirituality and relaxation and the ability to enjoy the tradition that has been practiced thousands of years have passed.  All these principles do represent the superior ideals of humankind. The traditional tea ceremony is conducted by having a minimum of 4 guests who will be taught concerning the origin of tea ceremony as well as the different forms of teas.

Chinese Tea History
The history of Chinese tea is complex and long because the people of China have enjoyed drinking tea for thousands of years until today. The scholars have called the brew as something that can effectively cure different ailments and the nobility has taken into account the consumption of tea as a marking of their status.